Fertilization and Soil Improvments

Through soil, trees absorb water, oxygen and nutrients. If all leaves and other biomass are removed from site annually, the natural materials don’t break down to be recycled and the soil becomes nutrient poor. If soil becomes compacted by pedestrian, vehicular or construction traffic, water and oxygen cannot enter the soil easily. The growth rate of the tree slows, the tree becomes stressed and is more susceptible to insects and disease and, in time, the tree may die.

Mulch areas: In situations where the soil must be protected from compaction, especially during any type of construction activity. Add organic matter to the soil annually in the form of compost, peat moss or wood chips (mulching). This will help to reduce compaction while allowing natural biomass materials to break down and improve soil structure as well as adding naturally occurring nutrients to be available to the tree. We produce large quantities of wood chips and can provide these for mulching purposes.

Deep root liquid fertilization: We have a liquid fertilizer that is injected into the soil and will slowly release nutrients over a 2-year period. These fertilizers are a natural seaweed based product that also contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as micronutrients. This product is very beneficial in long term soil improvement, and placing the nutrients directly in the root zone of the tree to make them available for the tree to utilize.

Drilled holes with granular: We have a granular fertilizer that we place in drilled holes over the root system of the tree. The fertilizer will slowly release nutrients over a 3-year period. This method is often utilized on construction site or areas where heavy compaction and root damage have occurred, the drilled holes will allow for penetration of oxygen and water that may have previously been inaccessible to the tree.

Our fertilization process will add required macro and micronutrients to the soil, in a slow release form that lasts 2 or 3 years. The fertilization process, utilizing either drilled holes or liquid injection, will help improve aeration.

Organic material: Adding organic material to the soil is the best way to improve upon soil structure,and the oxygen and water status of the soil. We use Hologanix (TM) which is a 100% organic bio-nutrientional product.  This compose tea concentrate is a liquid mixture that can be applied as a soil drench or injected into the soil as a stand-alone product or mixed with regular fertilizers. Some of the benefits of increasing the soil’s microbiology with plant extracts, beneficial soil fungi and soil nematodes include promoting healthy root development and deeper root growth; increasing the ease in nutrient uptake from the roots; increasing the tree's resistance to disease and insects; and improving on the tree's  resistance to drought. For more information about Holganix (TM), please go to www.holganix.com.