The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. - Chinese Proverb
We are passionate about tree care. We guarantee that our work is done to the highest standards of arboriculture.
Kelly's Tree Care is a preservation based company. Our desire is to form long-term relationships with our clients and their trees.

Mike Winstanley


Mike Winstanley


Certified Arborist, Climbing Arborist, Estimator

KTC since:

April 2010

Previous work experience:

Threads Life Style (2004-2009)


Humber College Arboriculture Apprenticeship program (graduated April 2011).  
Qualified Arborist with the Ontario MTCU


Snowboarding, cross country skiing all-season, camping, canoeing, kayaking

About Mike Winstanley:

I’ve always been passionate about the outdoors – as a kid, my dad would take me on canoe trips throughout Ontario and Quebec, and I loved every minute of it. Growing up in Peterborough meant summers filled with hikes and camping, and winters with skiing and hockey. When I moved to Toronto ten years ago, I naturally fell into working at an outdoor gear store…mostly for the sweet deals on equipment, of course. I started selling cross-country skis, and soon I was going to demo days and purchasing stock for the store.  It was interesting and educational, but working inside up to 7 days a week left me little time to get away and enjoy the great outdoors. A move to the Beaches helped – I worked at a great independent store called Threads and had more opportunities to get down to the boardwalk to bike, rollerblade, and do kayak demos for the store. I took advantage of any time off and got back into rock climbing, which I love doing. I was able to confirm to myself that I knew I had to find a job where I could spend my time outside. When I found the Urban Aboriculture program at Humber College, I applied immediately. There was no doubt in my mind, it had everything I was looking for: working outside, climbing and working at heights, and learning about trees. And now, I’m lucky enough to work at Kelly’s Tree Care with wonderful people, where I learn something new every day – including how to deal with fierce Toronto winds from up in a 60 foot tree.

In 2014 my partner Michelle and I welcomed our beautiful son Silas which translates in to "big tree". In 2016 our youngest son Dylan was born.