The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. - Chinese Proverb
We are passionate about tree care. We guarantee that our work is done to the highest standards of arboriculture.
Kelly's Tree Care is a preservation based company. Our desire is to form long-term relationships with our clients and their trees.

Tree Support Systems

Defects in a tree will often occur if a tree has not been properly pruned during its development or through injury to the tree. Defects such as trunk splits and included bark  unions can weaken the structural integrity of a tree.  In certain instances, the installation of cables and/or braces can minimize the weakness, and thus reduce the hazard potential to people and objects below, and prolong tree longevity.  Kelly's Tree Care installs tree support systems according to ANSI A300 standards.

The installation of any tree support system serves only to minimize the risk of failure.  Kelly's Tree Care cannot guarantee 100% fail proof protection from these systems.  Yearly on-ground visual inspections are recommended for any tree support system installed by Kelly's Tree Care.

Dynamic Synthetic Rope Cables: Approved flexible cables, made from high tensile UV-inhibited polypropylene rope, are installed high in the crown of the tree to assist the tree in minimizing the effects of tree related defects. The cables are secured to the tree without the need of drilling or boring resulting in minimal damage or stress to the tree. This system allows for movement of the tree in directions that will not allow the defect to increase or become more hazardous, often allowing the tree to compensate for the defect over time.

Steel Cables: Approved steel cable material is installed high in the crown of the tree to support tree components that have defects where movement should be limited and excessive movement may cause tree component failure. This method is more invasive in that there are lag bolts or through bolts drilled directly into the wood of the tree components. Due the cable anchors being installed in to the wood of the component the wood material must be sound at the point of installation for the system to be stable.

Bracing: Through bolts are long threaded rods installed at a recommended location within a defect to assist the tree in minimizing movement in the area of a defect that may expand the defect or cause component failure. This process is invasive with a long drill boring a hole completely through the axis of the defect and then bolted with large washers on both sides of the defect. This practice is usually only performed when the defect cannot be supported by a cable alone, and is always backed up with a cable located higher in the crown of the tree.