The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. - Chinese Proverb
We are passionate about tree care. We guarantee that our work is done to the highest standards of arboriculture.
Kelly's Tree Care is a preservation based company. Our desire is to form long-term relationships with our clients and their trees.


We provide an onsite free estimate if you would like the cost of any of our listed services (e.g. pruning, removals, stump removal, tree planting, etc).  The estimator will typically also provide general recommendations and suggestions.

A consultation or assessment involves answering inquiries pertaining to the following examples: evaluating tree health and tree structure; diagnosing insect and disease problems; determining tree risk potential and hazards; recommending a plant health care/maintenance program; performing a tree by tree or plant by plant walk through of entire property; or providing pre-construction development advice.  An hourly consultation fee shall be applied.  We always attempt to make you fully aware of potential incurred charges prior to your schedule appointment or before starting a consultation.

Yes, pricing typically includes clean-up and disposal of tree debris unless specified otherwise.  We encourage our clients to keep the larger diameter wood (greater than 10 inches in diameter).  There is a cost saving if you keep the wood which includes cutting the logs into 14” to 16” unsplit fire wood lengths.  If you desire wood chips/mulch for your garden, we can also dump the chipped debris on site free of charge.

 We accept personal cheques, Visa, MasterCard, and e-transfers.  You shall be invoiced upon completion of the work.  Normally we do not ask for a deposit or an advance unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Not necessarily.  The crew will have a work order which describes in detail tree locations and tree work prescribed.  We do require you to have your driveway cleared and anygates unlocked for work access, as well as moving any garden ornaments or patio furniture close to the work area. We certainly invite you to stay home if you want to watch our skilled arborists.

Depending on the type of work to be performed, we will assign a crew between 2 to 6 arborists.  There shall always be a minimum of one certified arborist on every crew.  For safety reasons we do not send less than a 2 person crew.

All of our staff have completed post-secondary education in either forestry or arboriculture related fields.  Our estimators, consultants and crew leader s are all I.S.A. Certified Arborists while our crew members are all Ontario Qualified Arborists.

Yes, we carry $ 5 million liability insurance.  All of our employees are covered by Workplace and Safety Insurance Board (WSIB).  Proofof insurance certificatesare available upon request.

No we do not.  Kelly’s Tree Care is a full service tree company.  If there are services we are unable to provide (e.g. pesticide spraying) we shall refer you directly to that company.

If the tree you want pruned is not on your property, Kelly’s Tree Care requires consent from the property owner.  We typically require written permission.  Our policy is necessary to avoid trespass issues between your neighbour and ourselves and also maintains good neighbourly relations.  We strongly encourage you to discuss your pruning issues with your neighbour before contacting Kelly’s Tree Care for a quotation.

Yes!  Our consultants will consult with you on appropriate tree species and planting locations suited to your property.  Typically we hand select quality trees from our supplier.  Our planting program includes the following: pick-up and delivery of tree; labour to plant tree; wood chip mulch ring; starter fertilizer; and a 1 year guarantee (subject to proper care and watering).

Taxes shall be added to all our service fees.  As we are an ethical business we do not take cash under the table as payment for any of our services.