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Kelly's Tree Care Attend Women in Arboriculture Breakfast

The Ontario Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (I.S.A.) hosted its first Women in Arboriculture Breakfast during its 66th annual trade and educational conference in Windsor on February 20, 2015. The breakfast was well received with 30 women in attendance.  

The intent of the gathering was simply to have a meet and greet for women from all aspects of arboriculture.  Because our industry is male dominated, women are often isolated from one another with limited opportunities to meet each other women let alone to support each other.   

The general consensus from many of the women who attended was that there was an impressive and diverse representation of women from various aspects of the industry.  Contrary to the perception that the gathering would attract mainly climbing arborists, this could not be further from the truth. We had new apprentices to so-called veterans, administrators to educators, business owners to managers, consultants, and industry service providers. 

One by one we shared stories of our humble beginnings, our struggles, and our celebrated successes. It soon became clear how enriching and empowering it was to hear each of our herstories.  

Kelly’s Tree Care Ltd. was well represented at the breakfast with 7 women employees in attendance.  

The inaugural meeting has generated much excitement and enthusiasm from not only the women from the meeting, but also from industry partners. The breakfast group is currently gathering interest to organize a women’s committee and have already secured support from the ISA Ontario Board of Directors and several industry suppliers and service providers.

No one can dispute that the arboriculture industry is rapidly evolving in many directions.  The acceptance of women in this industry is also changing for the better and women have an opportunity to be a large part of that growth.