Laura Mantin


Laura Mantin


Apprenticing Arborist

KTC since:

April 2016


Humber College Arboriculture Apprencticeship (completed first year 2017)

Harold Van Dyke Bursary Award (2017)

International Society of Arboriculture Student Ambassador Award (2017)


reading, hiking, camping, drawing, climbing

About Laura Mantin:

Growing up in the country outside Guelph, Ontario I spent most of my childhood exploring the forest around my house so I've always had an appreciation for trees and the environment. Even through high school I often spent my lunch break climbing trees and could never lose that desire to get up and explore the canopy. When a friend of mine pointed out that I could get paid to do just that, I knew I found the career for me. I left my job at a downtown office and started my career in the arboriculture industry in October 2015. Since then I've been doing my best to learn all that I can about tree care, and Kelly's has supported me so much in that regard. They've taught me many valuable skills and exposed me to do many opportunities I would have never otherwise had. I  feel so lucky to work with such an amazing group of talented and knowledgeable arborists. Furthermore I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to work at a job where everyday I can go home feeling a sense of accomplishment and like I've done something positive with my work. Plus I get to work outside every day in our really cool city with so much to see!