Paul Leithwood


Paul Leithwood


Certified Arborist, Climbing Arborist

KTC since:

June 2016

Previous work experience:

Cohen and Masters Tree and Shrub Services (2015-2016)

Maple Hill Tree Service (2014-2015)


Humber College Arboriculture Apprenticeship graduate (2016) 

Qualified Arborist with Ontario MTCU (14016288)

Working at Heights Fall Prevention training (IHSA)

About Paul Leithwood:

I grew up in Brampton, Ontario with frequent trips to Bracebridge and a select camping trip to Algonquin had a great effect on me. Additionally, influences like my Grandfather, a commercial artist turned landscape painter and canoeist Bill Mason played important role in my consciousness of what the outdoors and life in and amongst plants and trees really mean to us as individuals and a whole.


Beyond that, I sought my education at the University of Guelph (Political Science and Gender Studies) and Sheridan College in Oakville (Ceramics). I then moved to Dundas, Ontario where I apprenticed for 4 years with a ceramic artist named Scott Barnim who made an extensive line of work in both functional and specialized wares. I learned to throw, hand and slab build, and decorate ceramic work. The process in making professional and finished ceramics is a lengthy one, and includes a lot of detailed steps. Learning to organize work flow in a productive and high quality manner has proven to be an invaluable learning tool in the tree work I preform daily now. 


As an urban arborist I see trees existing in a relationship to us as individuals and the properties we own and frequent daily. It is not enough for a tree to grow and to thrive, it must be free of hazards, stay within the client’s scope of wants/needs and also retain an aesthetic value to ourselves and the community. Sometimes this is achieved beautifully and sometimes a tree/client/arborist can struggle with meeting these demands. It is my hope that when I have the opportunity to work on client’s trees I am able to offer my experience and knowledge to balance all stakeholders needs and wants and achieve the highest of quality in tree health and client satisfaction.