Kate Llewellyn


Kate Llewellyn


Apprenticing Arborist

KTC since:

April 2017

Previous work experience:

Golf course maintenance

Snowboard Instructor

Exotic Animal show presenter  


Humber College Urban Arboriculture program (first year completed, 2017)

About Kate Llewellyn:

This past winter I attended the Urban Arboriculture program at Humber Collage. There I learned a great deal about trees, chain saws and climbing. I have always loved the great outdoors. Birds the bees and of course the trees. Being a part of caring for these giants, the unsung heros of our day today is a privilege. How many times a day are you thankful for the clean air you breathe? We truly owe so much of our very existence to the trees that surround us every day. We are here to keep these beautiful organisms on your property safe and stunning! 


Kelly's Tree Care is a terrific company. I learn something new every day. The crew is so supportive of one another it’s truly a team that wil