Most municipalities have stated in their private tree removal by laws that they require 1 or more trees to be replanted for every tree removed. As a policy we also feel it is important to replace our tree canopy when trees are removed. Trees can offer value to your property as well as long term reductions in pollution levels, and air conditioning costs.

We can help you to choose an appropriate tree based on specific site and soil conditions. Our staff can provide you with maintenance tips and requirements for the initial stages of your tree’s establishment and growth.

Small tree planting: In our urban environment it is often most practical to supply and manually plant small trees with trunk diameters of 50 mm less. Our crews can perform this work with the use of hand carts and containerized trees. Planting often occurs in the early spring and late fall as these times have the best rates for tree survival and recovery from planting related stresses, such as root loss during tree harvesting in the nursery.


Unloading a 50 mm caliper tree with our knuckle boom arm truck.

Unwrapping of burlap and removal of wire basket.

 treeplanting.finished product

Completed job with a mulch ring.

All trees are selected by our consultants to be in good health with good structured. All tree prices are dependent on species type and availability of trees at the nursery

Our planting program includes the following:  pickup and delivery of tree; proper installation of tree; guying and staking (only if required); application of root starter fertilizer; mulch ring; and 1 year guarantee (terms and conditions apply).